Turtle Head Returning   2012
 Turtle Head  2012
 Orgy of Excesses  2011
 Sea Turtle Returning  2011
 Yellow Hole, Green Return  2011
 Turtlehead Disintegrating  2011
 Garden Daggers  Paper and Foam 41" x 2" x 2"  2010
 Vegetal  Installation Paper   2007
 Sea Chicken  2011
  Two headed   paper, handmade paper and wire   A closeup of one of the cases in the exhibition at the Philadelphia Airport  2011
 Bulbous Homes  2011
 Plant Reincarnated   paper, handmade paper and wire   2007
  My Ocean   2011
 Duality  wood, foam, handmade paper and wire   2007
 Creature in Esophoria  Mixed Media   2007
 Creature of Sea Consciousness  Steel, paper mache', handmade paper   27" x 96" x 99"  The Ocean as consciousness and its actual fragility  2007
  Esophoria   Mixed Media   A mixed media installation using handmade paper, wire, wood, foam and steel.  2007
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